You can do it too!

You can help make a 2011 Kidical Mass season possible.

I'm looking for Kidical Mass enthusiasts to join a committee to help coordinate the 2011 rides. Are you interested? Send an email to for more information.

What would your role be as a member of the Kidical Mass Committee? You can be involved as much or as little as you have time and interest. However, all Committee members will be asked to take on one or more of the various tasks needed to make Kidical Mass a fun and successful event. Tasks can be split or shared among different Committee members, such as:
* Develop ride themes
* Develop ride routes
* Lead rides
* Participate in rides as a chaperone or volunteer
* Seek out donors and other fundraising
* Recruit new riders and volunteers
* Promote rides via social networking tools
* Send emails to Kidical Mass riders about upcoming events
* Write and send press releases
* Update the Kidical Mass blog
* Develop on-going community connections
* Help brainstorm and implement ideas for how Kidical Mass can be a bigger, better, and more sustainable event

Committee members will also be asked to attend regular meetings to stay involved and up to date with what we're up to.

Do you think you can do it? I think you can! Send me an email today and let's get this season started!


Go Green! Ride and Picnic Potluck

Salem Greenway Path? Check.
Green colored clothes? Check.
Green colored food to share? Check.
Green Eggs & Ham? ...Mmm.

Try not to miss the last Kidical Mass Salem ride scheduled for the 2010 season. It's the 7th and final ride, and a celebration of family, cycling, food, community, and greenness. Join us at Bush Park (corner of High and Mission Streets) at 5:00 pm, this Sunday, August 29th. We'll have a group bike ride along part of the Salem Greenway Trail, enjoy some returning activities from previous Kidical Mass rides, and top off the evening with a community picnic-style potluck. Come for all or part of the ride. Please bring children, friends, neighbors, bicycles, helmets, green clothing and accessories, your own serving ware, and food to share.

See you soon and thank you all for a wonderful Kidical season!

July's Food Share and Garden bicycle tour

The afternoon was hot, and this ride didn't draw out as many riders as previous rides, but the few who were game had a great time.

We met at Hallman Elementary School in the Northgate neighborhood of Salem.

We rode the little ways to the Northgate Park, which is home to the blooming Northgate Peace & Forgiveness Community Garden.

The garden honors a young boy who was shot and killed in the park last spring.

Annilivia, a member of the Northgate Community Garden team and a neighbor of the park, spoke with the group about the Northgate community's more recent history.

She also had us smell four different kinds of mint. Yum!

After the garden stop, Annilivia joined the group for a ride to the Marion Polk Food Share.

At the Food Share, we met with (another) Kat, the Women Ending Hunger group organizer. She spoke with us briefly about how the Food Share works and about hunger in our community.

In the shade from the heat, we shared some snacks. Annalivia watered the Food Share's on-site garden while the rest of the group played in the spray from the garden hose.