How to Ride in Kidical Mass Salem

Follow these easy steps to be a Kidical Mass Pro-Rider!

1) Be prepared.
Bicycles should be in proper road-safe condition, meaning tires are inflated, brakes are functioning, and riders feel comfortable. Every child will need to wear a helmet that fits (it's the law), and parents and volunteers are strongly encouraged to wear one too! The ride is outside, so of course dress appropriately for the weather. You'll want to bring full water bottles and snacks (if needed), as these may not be provided during the ride. Please also make sure your child can follow basic traffic laws with your guidance, such as coming to a complete stop at traffic stops and looking both ways before crossing a street. It should also be noted that the ride is a free event, so don't let that deter your participation!

For the sake of maximum fun-ness, be sure to check out the Event Calendar to see the "theme" of the upcoming ride.

Also, feel free to contact the event coordinator with any questions:

2) Show up.
We can't have Kidical Mass if we have no mass of kids, so be sure to show up! When you arrive to the meeting location at around the start time, look for the crowd of kids on bikes. If the group has not yet convened, the coordinator will be there with an orange flag. The first few minutes after the start time will be for introductions about the ride and a bike riding safety review. A parent or guardian needs to ride the Kidical Mass event with their children to ensure a good ratio of young riders to supervising adults (don't worry - you needn't be an experienced rider, just a willing rider!). The ride will start and end at the initial meeting place. Riders can leave the ride at any time, assuming an accompanying adult is with them.

3) Enjoy the ride.
The purpose of the ride is two-fold: to learn and to enjoy. The mission of the event is to have everyone, kid and kid-at-heart, to finish the ride feeling more comfortable riding on our city streets, with the bigger idealist goal that bicycle riding will become a regular mode of healthy, sustainable, and fun transport.

4) Do it again!
Mark these dates on your calendar! Kidical Mass Salem rides will be hosted the last Sunday of the month from February through August 2010. Check back for updates to the Event Calendar as locations and routes are developed.

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