July's Food Share and Garden bicycle tour

The afternoon was hot, and this ride didn't draw out as many riders as previous rides, but the few who were game had a great time.

We met at Hallman Elementary School in the Northgate neighborhood of Salem.

We rode the little ways to the Northgate Park, which is home to the blooming Northgate Peace & Forgiveness Community Garden.

The garden honors a young boy who was shot and killed in the park last spring.

Annilivia, a member of the Northgate Community Garden team and a neighbor of the park, spoke with the group about the Northgate community's more recent history.

She also had us smell four different kinds of mint. Yum!

After the garden stop, Annilivia joined the group for a ride to the Marion Polk Food Share.

At the Food Share, we met with (another) Kat, the Women Ending Hunger group organizer. She spoke with us briefly about how the Food Share works and about hunger in our community.

In the shade from the heat, we shared some snacks. Annalivia watered the Food Share's on-site garden while the rest of the group played in the spray from the garden hose.

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