The Kidical Circus

34 riders met at Cummings Elementary School in Keizer this past Sunday.

We prepped our bikes,

signed in,

and after a brief safety and ride review,

we were off to find the circus!

Despite the heat,

we were determined to get there.

So we pedaled on...

along quiet Keizer streets,

past some twists

and turns...

We arrived at a Willamette Manor Park,

but the circus wasn't there...

So we move on!...

with a pedal powered caravan...

and flower flair.

It was a hot ride...

but we keep going!

And always remembering to signal,

and stop at the intersections.

Finally! After about 3 miles, we arrived at River Rd. Park. The circus is now in sight.

We stopped at the Kidical Circus tent to enjoy shade, snacks, hula hoops, bubbles, and poi.

Baby Maya - our youngest rider of the day - hangs out in the tent.

The hula hoops were a big hit at the circus!

...More photos may be added soon. If you have photos you'd like to share, please add them to the Kidical Mass Salem Facebook Group.

See you at the July ride?!

Thank you to the extraordinary volunteers that made the ride - and circus! - a blast to be a part of.

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