Friends & Flowers was absolutely lovely.

48 riders, including a pet rat and dog, joined the Kidical Mass group this past Sunday for a ride in the beautiful Northeast Neighbors area of Salem. During the 3.5 mile tour we crossed two pedestrian bridges over Mill Creek, rode by the Friends of Straub Environmental Learning Center, and passed the first Passive House built on the West Coast.

The ride began like any other before it.

I arrived at the meet site, Englewood City Park in NE Salem, around 1:30 pm and waited for other riders to show...

It wasn't long before there were a few dozen KMass riders ready and waiting for me!

Not all of the riders were of the human species,

but we did not discriminate.

Even inanimate seals are more than welcome to join us (helmets are optional for these little critters).

Some riders were Kidical Mass newbies,

Others, such as no-more-training-wheels Austin, have become well known in the Kidical Mass circuit.

Once we got our floral decorations in order,

and had a brief road safety introduction,

we were ready to pedal!

And so we pedaled!

But then we took a break...

at the lovely neighborhood park on NE Chemeketa and 21st.

We chatted,

we stretched our legs,

we climbed,

we napped,

we had some fun.

Then, we were ready to finish the ride.

And a lovely ride it was.

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Thank you to the volunteers that took these wonderful photos. :)

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