"Pedal to the Beat," a hit in South Salem!

Despite the fact that it was a chilly and rainy afternoon, the "Pedal to the Beat of Your Own Bicycle" ride got off to a good whistling and ringing start this past Sunday.

30 riders participated...

...some of them still with training wheels!...

...some of them as backseat riders...

...and some of them as teams! (Dad steered, she pedaled.)

Noise makers were a must,

and many bikes were sporting the Kidical-flair.

Our rest stop was at Wendy Kroger Park near Liberty. The park has a dirt BMX course... but with the rain, it was sort of a mud pit with muddy mounds. These guys still had fun though!

Everyone was impressed that little Austin (and his sister) rode the whole 4 mile route (with a few short cuts, thanks to Eric's guidance)!

All in all, a pretty sweet ride.

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