Kidical Mass Gets Rolling!

Yesterday's ride was awesome! The turnout was great, much thanks to a beautiful February afternoon.

The group met at Bush Pasture Park. The pre-ride sign up sheet indicated 33 riders, but a head count at the beginning of the ride estimated 50 people in the group!

Before we took off for the ride, there was a brief introduction about the ride and reminders about how to ride safely with traffic. Special thanks to Gary Obery, a Kidical Mass rider and dad, for going over the ABC-Quick Check!

A few tricyclists joined us for the in-park ride.

Bikes, trikes, and trailers - Oh my!

The first part of the ride looped through some neighborhood streets so young riders could get some street riding cred!

Law-abiding riders wait patiently at a stop sign for a chance to cross a South Salem neighborhood street.

The second part of the ride branched out of the Bush Park neighborhood via the bike lane on Winter Street towards the Capitol State Park. This was our last destination before making our way back to the park.

Thanks to everyone that came out for the first ride. It wouldn't have been any fun without you!

Second thanks to journalist Stephanie Knowlton and photographer Danielle Peterson from the Statesman Journal for featuring the ride in today's paper and creating an online photo gallery.

Third thanks to volunteer rider Emily Ackland for taking these wonderful photos during the event.

Can't wait until March's ride. But where, oh where, should it be...?

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MWVBTA said...

How about a triangle formed by the playgrounds at Grant, Highland, and St. Vincent de Paul?